4º Festival Mestiza 2021

In September of 2021 we carried out the 4th, and 1st online, version of the Mestiza Festival, Chile. Our theme was 'Beyond the Limit' since during the process of creating it and curating it, we realized that the pandemic had forced many of us to expand and reinvent our creative horizons. We have had to develop strategies that allow us to continue working and reinventing the stage. Approaching through different perspectives the intersection of the stage arts with the bi-dimensionality and the apparent distance of the audiovisual format.

The pieces to be exhibited during the festival were Beyond a recorded show or a video-performance. We confirmed that women are making significant contributions regarding the investigation of transdisciplinary languages. In particular, we were able to observe the use of audiovisual tools at the service of the scenic, trying to give life and to transfer the emotions typical of face-to-face arts.

What is it that must remain to achieve 'the scenic' from the screen?

Although we still are in search of an answer, we know in a concrete way that there are solid proposals in new dramaturgies such as "Pluriverso" written by Ana Harcha and "La Compañera" of Malamadre company in the use of devices and platforms, both from Chile. Also "Be like Body - Obsolete" by Suzon Fuks from Australia and "#Bernarda" by Símil Teatro from Uruguay in search of the live nature of the scenic art. All works that were part of the grid of this 4th Mestiza Festival, 1st online.

The experience of an online festival allows us to ensure that the exploration in these languages ​​opens the way to the deterritorialization of the audience, to reach people who are miles away from the artists on stage.

In this sense, innumerable women artists have been able to offer solid virtual-stage shows, which deserve to be valued and catapulted by the Magdalena festivals, always giving visibility to the work created by women.

Mestiza Festival Team

Mestiza Chile 2021