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album news from Helen Chadwick

This photo of me was taken on a Norfolk beach by Simon Richardson. It's the cover shot for the album that's coming out shortly called "from somewhere to everywhere". I've just today loaded it up for its digital release, date to be announced shortly. 

Helen Chadwick, 2022

Four new short plays

For those interested in having a little fun at home during this strange time of omicron lockdown, for those looking for something different at home to do with you and your kids, .. join us on the 26th and 27th of Feb!

virtual theatre

Juliana Spínola, director of La Pacha Apapacha, is looking for support and funding for a Zoom theatre project about women and creating a home.

Rehearsals in India

Sandra Pasini from Teatret OM has just returned from in India, where she and Parvathy Baul have been rehearsing their upcoming concert performance "Serenades".

No dia 3 de dezembro de 2021 foi realizada uma reunião oficial no Holstebro Art Museum para a criação da associação Transit Next Forum - Teatro e Mulheres, com sede no município de Holstebro, ativo na Dinamarca, e com estreito contato internacional com The Magdalena Project e sua rede.

Magdalena München

Magdalena München announces Next Moves, a programme of residencies and events addressing the question: after two years of living with the pandemic, what are our next moves?

from Split Britches

Sitting in the car for side to side parking, Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver take a minute to reflect on their 2021 and look forward to what's have in store for 2022.

Video documentation from the Mobilise/Demobilise festival, held online in October, is now published at

KT press,  publisher of the feminist art journal n.paradoxa, announces two new books now available to purchase at