Myth & Theatre Workshop Festival

Performance and Possession
1 July 2015 to 12 July 2015
Malerargues, Roy Hart Centre, Southern France
Workshops Performances Lectures Exhibition

Linda Wise : singing and voice performance. Mornings.

Enrique Pardo : master classes in choreographic theatre. Voice, texts, composition. Afternoons.

Themes & Guests: Figures of a contemporary shamanism; Homage to Roy Hart, on the fortieth anniversary of his death; Lectures by Anna Griève, Xavier Papaïs and Enrique Pardo.

Exhibition: The paintings of Enrique Pardo at the Galerie du Petit Temple.


Directors : Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise
Guest lecturers : Anna Griève and Xavier Papaïs
Pierre François Blanchard, Daniela Molina, Veronique Taconet, Pierre Jeammes, Peter ilberforce, Regine Coqueran, Viviane Gay, Laura Fuentes
& other invited lecturers, performers and teachers, tbc.

2015 theme : Performance and Possession

Post-modernism seems to have stalled in self-possession. Deconstruction rarely flies off the rational handle. Even poetic or ironic, it stays cool. "It takes shamanistic moves to elude the Western rational mind." (James Hillman.) Now we have Peter Kingsley's shamanic stunning proposals (check him up!) We must call on voices that venture beyond self-composure and self-expression. Hence: The art of flying off the rational and self-centred handle - with voice, music and (e)motion. The art of taking the lid off the meanings and enactments of texts.



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