Hello Magdalenas, I miss you.

I've been working on this show on and off for about 6 years and at last this year we have managed to get it on it's feet and touring around the UK. It has been, and continues to be, a deeply fascinating and involving process, again now as some of those we have interviewed start to come ans see the pwrformance, and other related people turn up unexpectedly like the parents of a journalist killed working on Chechnya. The question and answer sessions have turned into riveting discussions on war and peace.

Unlike anything of mine that I have shown at Magdalena it's a group show, five of us on stage singing unaccomoanied and then staged and choreogrpahed by Steven Hoggett with whom i worked on Dalston Songs. That show Dalston Songs was too big for touring, so this year I made a trio women vrsion of it which are gently starting to tour and which i hope to being to a Magdalena one day, three women, three chairs, one table, a cafe and the songs and texts based on interviews with my neighbours about home. 

Soon this leg of the tour finishes until October, and I plan to finish the short album I have made of the songs from Fragments of Love, the Sappho fragements which i sang in Holstebro in my solo performance in June. Many of you helped me mount that show and I had long discussions with Lucia Sander about the text for which i am very grateful.

I am hoping that Ana Wolf is coming to stay soon. I just missed Annet's visit to London this week but know she will be back. Brigitte Cirla has been in contact and i am very sad that our last show clashes with the opportunity to sing with her at Odin's 50th which i will very sadly miss. I briefly saw helen V J and Julia, Roberta, Sofia and Iben when they were in London recently,

O inspirational women of the Magdalena. I send love to you.