can't translate news?

it doesn't appear possible to translate news content - there is no "translate" link on the interface, despite "multilingual support, with translation" being enabled in the workflow settings of content type news. events & other pages have the translate link but i can't see any difference in how the content types are configured with regard to translation. 

another wierd thing about news is that currently there are only 3 news items displaying on the news page; & if you click on the link to display a list of headings, it's displayed alphabetically (descending). it would make much more sense to have it display chronologically, with most recent first, & also to have quite a bit more than 3 on the main news page.

the view for the news headlines is set to sort by post date (descending); i clicked on "update & override" to make sure this was overriding any other default settings, & in the views preview it showed it as descending chronologically; but when i saved it, it was still the same (alphabetical).

i managed to get 6 news items displaying on the news page, but the alphabetical list & inability to translate is really bothering me!


i experimented with changing the language of the post from "language neutral" to "spanish"; this made the "translate" link appear at the top ... but when i created an english translation, it then made the news item show up twice (when i was in both spanish & english).

i guess we haven't actually got a solution for translations for news content types?

hi ag, sorry i missed the notification for your reply in my huge email backlog after india ... 

i've just posted this news item, /en/content/jandira-testa, & there is no "translate" link at the top. it is set to "language neutral" which is what it should be to enable translations.

the list of headlines (/en/newsnode) is still displaying alphabetically descending, it would be better if it was displayed chronologically with most recent first - but even better would be if the user could also sort them ...

i think i have solved this - i did something in the content type, i compared the multilingual settings with those in the content type for events & saw that news had nothing ticked in the synchronise section. so i ticked the tags, which event had ticked, & now there is a translate link :)

however this is only appearing on new news nodes, not retrospectively on news previously created. so now i have the problem of having translations for the tantidhatri book donations news page, which people already have a link to, but i can only add the translations if i create a new post .. i'll do that but it might be messy.

also, i discovered that when a news item is not published - i.e. you untick the "published" option at the end - the content of the post does not display. this had me worried for a minute that i'd really broken something. is it supposed to be like this?