experimenting with menus & blocks ...

i tried to create a RH sidebar menu for the Legacy & Challenge (L&C) festival, to experiment with RH navigation & also because on the LH side the 3rd level of navigation doesn't work. so i made a new menu & put all of the L&C pages into it, & set it the menu block to appear just on those L&C pages, in the RH sidebar.

i gave the block the title "Legacy & Challenge" but this does not show up - can't see why not.

on the first page for L&C (which i think was created as an event post), having the menu on the RH side means that it pushes the image into the page title.

is it possible that the RH menu can be in a right-aligned box, so that the content for the whole page can fill the full width below the menu? (i gues this involves creating a new region for the block? i don't know how to do that). this could be quite a good solution in general for using the RH sidebar for 3rd level & group navigation, as it would not mean that we have a totally narrow main-content area all the way down the page.

i would also like to have it that on these pages, the 2nd level menu item "Legacy & Challenge" stays visible in the LH menu, under "news & events" so that it is clear there which part of the site you're in ... but i can't see how to make that happen. is it possible?


Is this request still relevant? Or is the horizontal menu for 3rd level info replacing it?


RH menu as right-aligned box with width below the menu filled by running text not possible due to the grid system that is the base of the theme (explaned somewhere else i think...)

yes the horizontal menu for 3rd level navigation is great :)

but it would still be good to have the 2nd level menu items in the LH sidebar keep displaying when you go into those pages - i have also put this in the list of things but i see you have replied to that :) so i will go & look at that now ... thanks :)