To Do

This page has been superceeded - anything still left to do has been incorporated into the List of Things page - but we haven't deleted this page yet in case it's useful to still have the comments.

Please feel free to add, amend, put your name beside, etc. :)


this page is potentially very very long, as we need to list all of the articles in each of 13 issues. we could make a separate page for each issue, or is there a way to have collapsible/expandable content areas on the page? the default view could show the 13 issues, & when you click on an issue it expands to show all the articles. when you click on a second issue, the first issue collapses & the second one expands.

if it's achieveable, this would avoid having to have a separate page for each issue.

i just have to share that i am becoming a true drupal geek - i worked out how to do the collapsible text!!!! :) look at the open page page & marvel!!!!

and then I write something different here so that the thread doesnt make a title out of my comment. Wondering if that's how it works.

Preview shows me that that is indeed how it works.

and I wonder how many messanges we can asdd until the space is too much reduced... should we change something in the layout to prevent that? for example a reply icon instead of reducing the space? on the other hand t's really clear the way it workes now...

if we move the group navigation (which i want to change anyway) from the right hand side to the left, would that give enough room to make the reduced-width replies still work?  they are getting a bit ridiculously skinny ...

I'd be glad to move it .         

as I wrote somewhere else (somewhere here in the todo i think..) we should wether use just le left hand column, or left and right, but not an extra column in only a special part of the site.

I'll move it to the left and we'll see how muc space there is then for this comment ;)

Should the "There are currently 2 users and 1 guest online." block be visible for non-logged users?

I think at least the user's names should not be visible.What do you think?

I changed the look of the user's list in the block, does that look ok to you?

i agree that the block should be visible for non-logged-in visitors, but without actual names; is it possible to change "users" to "members"? e.g. " There is currently 1 member and 1 guest online."

it would be nice if logged in members do get to see the usernames of the members who are online, as potentially they could then start a chat with someone. is it possible to have the usernames show when you are logged in, but not visible to the wider public?

maybe the admin account should not be used for communication here... could lead to messy conversations ;)

I can help with the importing mentioned above :-) and I would like to help with the Open page Pdfing, looks like a big job. Just need a little tutorial perhaps, to get me started. 

yay! that's really great :)  i will get onto this in the next couple of days & give you the info & instructions then you can get on with it in your own time. thank you!!! :)

it seems that we can't insert original-size images in comments? (this might be a setting somewhere that i can work out ... )

but also, i entered text in that comment above, & when i clicked preview the text disappeared; this is the problem i was having before in safari when editing pages. it doesn't seem to happen in firefox when editing pages, but this is the first time i tried to put an image into the comment, then i put text, then previewing removed the text.

that above is an example of the image inserting itself twice, when i only wanted it once ... i didn't try to add text in that comment.