French and Urdu translations

two more languages added to this website


We are delighted to announce that two more languages have been added to the Magdalena Project website: French and Urdu.

Translating the site is a huge and ongoing task, generously done by volunteers. The Urdu translation is by Amna Mawaz Khan, and the French by participants at the recent Magdalena festival in Ayllón, Spain: Brigitte Arnaudies, Huguette Puttermilec, and Silvia Moreno. Thank you very much!

The website has been in Spanish and Portuguese aince 2011, and we are grateful to the many volunteer translators who have contributed to these languages over the years. Currently the active Spanish and Portuguese translators are Amaranta Osorio, Janaina Matter and Ileana Garcia.

If you are interested in helping with translation in any of these languages, or even starting another language, please get in touch: