sprinting slowly ...

Today has, unfortunately, been a frustrating day at the Drupal 7 Upgrade web sprint; mainly because our server is for unknown reasons painfully slow. We've asked Servus.at if there is any problem at their end and they've assured us that there isn't, and we've tried to work with it, but finally towards the end of the day we are moving the development site back to Agnez's local computer because it is simply to slow to work on.

As well as the slowness, we found out today that the module we intended to use for the new newsletter system is not going to be possible to use. So we have had to spend time rethinking that and evaluating different options.

Add to this the more expected complications, such as messed up menus, broken blocks and tricky translations, and althogether it's made for a pretty frustrating day. Luckily, a steady supply of lemon water, coffee, chocolate and an injection of ice cream mid-afternoon has kept our spirits up.