Let the sprint begin!


The upgrade of this website to Drupal 7 has begun! Web Princess Valentina Tibaldi, and Web Witch Agnez Bewer, have arrived at the palace of Web Queen Helen Varley Jamieson to undertake the upgrade. As you can see, they are already hard at work.

Agnez is setting up a "playground" site on our server, where everything will be implemented and tested before going live to replace this site. Valentina is working on a new enhanced system for the regular email newsletter, which will be fully integrated with the site. Meanwhile Helen is looking into some translation issues.

The design and layout of the site will change slightly, as we are making it "responsive" - this means that the site will adapt to the device it's being viewed on, for example a phone or tablet, to give a better viewing experience.

The intense work will be interspersed with good food and little excursions such as yesterday evening's stroll to a nearby biergarten.