A Laboratory Tribute to James Hillman
26 April 2013 to 3 May 2013
Nettles Artists Collective/Hudson River Hub - 617 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor - New York -NY 10036
April 26th - 7pm-10pm, April 27th and 28th - 10am-5pm, April 29th through May 3rd - 10am-1pm and 6pm-10pm,
IMPACTS: A Laboratory Tribute to James Hillman
Nettles Artists Collective will kick off the inauguration of its new home, Hudson River Hub, by welcoming backPantheatre (France) for a special laboratory, workshops and tribute to renowned American psychologist James Hillman, Pantheatre's main inspiring firgure and honorary president who passed away in 2011.  

Since 2008 Nettles Artists Collective has annually hosted Paris/Maleargues, Roy Hart Centre- based theater masters Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise for PanNYC - a series of workshops and lectures that take place in New York City. 

Pantheatre defines its aims in terms of "the affirmation of personal genius - character and musicality - and acommitment to what one has to voice, be it in speech, song, scream, silence, image or movement, or their synthesis in choreographic theatre". 

All work is for an "advance/professional" level - not necessarily in terms of technical proficiency or even performance experience, but rather in terms of personality and capacity to take risks (both psychological and professional).
The itinerary of events is as follows:
April 26th  - 7pm -10pm
$20, (Open to all)
Masters Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise (Pantheatre -Paris) will introduce their work on Voice Performance and Choreographic Theatre. This evening participatory demonstration will give a solid idea of what their work is about for the events of the weekend and the five day workshop to follow.

April 27th and 28th
10am-1pm - Voice Performance (Linda Wise)
2pm-5pm - Choreographic Theatre (Enrique Pardo)
$300 (Open to all)
Linda Wise is passionately engaged with a vision of the voice that addresses the widest possible perspective on each person's individuality. Her work is a dynamic blend of technical finesse and expressive risk in extended voice ranges. 
Enrique Pardo will work on some basic concepts of Choreographic Theatre, including "confronting and giving corporal form to (per-forming) one's fantasies." Enrique has performed and taught in Europe, North and South America and New Zealand.
Choreographic Theatre
There will be a free show following the workshop on April 27th by PanNYC Artists.

April 29th, 30th, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd - 10am-1pm
$400 (Open to all)
Master Linda Wise will lead a fiv
e day workshop in Voice Performance focusing on extended voice range techniques, including Roy Hart Technique. She is a member of the original Roy Hart Theatre and founder member of the Roy Hart Center in theSouth of France. Her training develops vocal improvisation, text renderings and dramatic musical compositions. 
Voice Performance

April 29th, 30th, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd - 6pm-10pm 
Active participation by application only.
Open to General Audience. $20 per session.
The Laboratory Tribute to James Hillman will take place in five sessions. The choreographic theatre training framework will include voice and texts and it will be focus on the construction and figuring out of performance narrative. Each session will have a title and a theoretical briefing by Enrique. Participating artists include international artists: Linda Wise, Amy Rome, Haim Isaacs, Véronique Taconet, Sharon Feder - and New York artists: Debora Balardini, Sandie Luna and Sean Lewis. 
Proposed themes for the week Laboratory Tribute:
  • Plot and Place: "If you find your place, you will find your voice".
  • Giambattista Vico/Gianbattista Tiepolo: “The Mythological Critique of Reason”.
  • Iconoclasm: acting out and the fear of images.
  • Krisis: Crisis, Critic, Cry 
  • Orpheus - drenched in sweat.
"James Hillman’s IMPACT on Pantheatre is mainly in the construction and figuring out of performance narrative, in what he called: making “image-sense”. It applies especially to the setting-up of texts in performance. Hillman was a master at narrative mobility, which is the most important aspect of our training: how to make amove. There is a lot of talk today of “non-narrative” theatre. Hillman makes us end up in something like “non-narrative narrative theatre”. (Enrique Pardo). Hillman Homage Page.
To apply please send a letter of interest/motivation to:

All Pantheatre training hours are valid for both Pantheatre and Roy Hart Centre Certificates.

Nettles Artists Collective mission is to imbue the American performance scene with authentic global voices and an innovative use of physical theater. By cultivating a multi-ethnic, multidisciplinary hub for artists, Nettles providesa democratic alternative to the usual elitist performance model.
All events will take place
Nettles Artists Collective's Hudson River Hub
617 West 46th Street (between 11th and 12th)
New York – NY.

For more information contact
 Debora Balardini @ 917.402.7961
Enrique Pardo
Linda Wise
Nettles Artists Collective
Pantheatre 124 Boulevard Voltaire 75011 PARIS 
Château de Malérargues (Centre Roy Hart) 30140 THOIRAS / Gard
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