Transit V, Denmark 2007

The fifth Transit Festival, "Stories to be told", took place at Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark, 18-28 January 2007.

Transit 0520 years have passed since the start of The Magdalena Project. Although the first Festival was in 1986 and the first idea came even earlier, Jill Greenhalgh etablished The Magdalena Project itself in January 1987. With age comes the desire to tell and listen to stories, like those we hear from our grand-mothers or those we enjoy concoctin about the origins of our families, the relationships within our theatre groups or concerning the political situation in the world.

Julia Varley



Ana Correa, Yuyachkani, Peru - Ana Woolf, Argentina - Annet Henneman, The Netherlands/Italy - Chirine El Ansary, Egypt - Claire Heggen, Théâtre du Mouvement, France - Cristina Wistari Formaggia, Bali/Italy - Dawn Albinger, Magdalena Australia, Australia - Deborah Hunt, New Zealand/Puerto Rico - Geddy Aniksdal, Grenland Friteater, Norway - Gilla Cremer, Germany - Gilly Adams, Wales - Helen Chadwick, Great Britain - Helen Varley Jamieson, New Zealand - Ingrid Hvass, Denmark - Jill Greenhalgh, The Magdalena Project, Wales - Lena Simic, Croatia - Lorenzo Gleijeses, Italy - Maggie Gale, Great Britain - Margaret Cameron, Australia - Marty Pottenger, USA - Maria Porter, USA - Nathalie Mentha, Teatro Potlach, Italy - Ni Nyoman Candri, Bali - Odin Teatret, Denmark - Parvathy Baul, India - Patricia Ariza, Colombia - Raquel Carrió, Teatro Buendía, Cuba - Roxana Pineda, Estudio Teatral de Santa Clara, Cuba - Silvia Ricciardelli, Teatro Koreja, Italy - Teatro delle Radici, Switzerland - Trickster Teatro, Switzerland - Uhan Shii Theatre Group, Taiwan - Verónica Moraga, Chile - Voix Polyphoniques, France

Photos: on this web site by Rossella Viti and on the Odin Teatret web site.


Transit 05