Women Performing Europe

The Magdalena Project Across Borders

WOMEN PERFORMING EUROPE is part of the Erasmus+ EU Programme of cooperation partnerships with international activities organized by four organisations: Protagon e.V.(Germany), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret (Denmark), Teatro Nucleo (Italy), Stowarzyszenie Grupa Artystyczna Teraz Poliz (Poland).

The project aims to bring people together, through the exchange of experiences, learning activities and events, to start a discussion in international level about social inclusion, equality, integration and pioneer practices of feminist education in the cultural field.

The educational programme of the project was implemented in a transnational framework proposing during the years 2020 and 2022 a cycle of activities
aimed to create a broader understanding of practices, policies and systematization of female adult’s education across borders. During this period we shared artistic our knowledge and experience and we learned to create and to identify new models of work that supports and help women to improve their positions at their workplace.

The project results include a handbook (downloadable PDF), an interactive toolkit and a YouTube channel with a series of interviews with artists from the Magdalena network. More information at the project website, https://www.women-performing-europe.com.

Women Performing Europe