Voz Lactéa

Magdalena Tarahumara 2018
30 April 2018 to 14 May 2018
Chihuahua, México

This first edition of a MAGDALENA PROJECT in the Sierra Tarahumara (Mexico) brings a mosaic of women artists of multiple ethnic origins together : from May 1st to 14th, 2018, Raràmuris women artists of Chihuahua will exchange their artistic practices with women from France, England, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Chile, and Germany, around Art workshops, Conferences and exhibitions, Training sessions, Live Performances.

Motivated by a common interest in the multiplicity of languages as the foundation of culture, MAGDALENA TARAHUMARA 2018 generates a variety of artistic forms :

  • It ties strong links between Tarahumara artists and non-native artists.
  • It emphasizes the role of women in the transmission of language
  • It proposes concrete solutions to the urgency of preserving indigenous languages threatened with extinction.
  • It encourages multilingualism as an openness to dialogue and understanding of the other.
  • Finally, it values art in the public space as a place for creation, exchange and encounter, where women, artists and indigenous people take their place.

More information: http://gigacircus.net/fr/voz_lactea/

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