new page - "why magdalena?"

hi dear translators,

since many people ask why the magdalena project is called "magdalena", we have made a new page in the "project" section that explains this: /en/content/why-magdalena

it would be great to have this translated into spanish and portuguese (just the text that is on the page, not the whole article that it links to - unless of course you are inspired to do so!).

also - i realised that many of you in this group did not have "translator" permissions on the website, so i have given it to everyone who did not have it. this means that when you are logged in to the site, you will see an additional link at the top of each page that says "Translate". if you click on this link, you will then see what translations currently exist for that page, whether something is outdated, links to edit the existing translation page & to add a translation page if there isn't one already. 

this means that whenever you are browsing the site, if you see something that isn't already translated that you would like to translate, you can just go ahead and do it immediately. if you are doing this but would like someone else to check your work, please post to this group with the link to the page you've translated, and ask if someone can check it.

if you are going to translate the "why magdalena" page, please remember to post a comment here so that we don't have multiple people translating the same thing at the same time.

thanks, gracias, obrigada!

h : )


gracias amaranta for the spanish translation :) /es/content/%C2%BFpor-qu%C3%A9-magdalena

now we just need the portuguese ...