Superstition : Festival postponed to 2021

Myth and Theatre Festival, Pantheatre
22 June 2021 to 4 July 2021
Château de Malérargues, France
Pantheatre’s Myth and Theatre Festival is adjourned to 2021.


Enrique Pardo writes:

"Pantheatre’s Myth and Theatre Festival is adjourned to 2021: we must all take the time of care and confinement to face and ward off the coronavirus PANdemic - wishing Pan would not do this to us. At some point we will have to ask him why… At present, we postpone the festival, not without heartbreak - but we also and resolutely invite you to think of the postponement as a prolongation, as an extended prolegomenon: yes, we have one extra year to prepare what is turning out to be the most challenging theme yet in terms of what I must call artistic anthropology."

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A festival of leading-edge choreographic theatre, voice performance and archetypal studies.

June 23 to July 5

two-part event   you can register to one or both

June 23 - 28   training workshops & background theory
June 30 - July 5   laboratories / master classes /  keynote lectures

Two 6-day periods,
a day-break on Monday June 29
Half-day pause in each period
7 hours practice workshops per day
+ evening lectures and performances.

The Myth and Theatre Festival is a context, both festive and hardworking, to explore and study the bridges between mythical thinking and performance practice. It was created in 1987 under the presidency of James Hillman.

Direction : Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise
In collaboration with    Roy Hart International Artistic Centre
Univ. of Central Lancashire UK.
School of Film, Media & Performance. Dr. Amy Rome


Enrique Pardo writes:

In the festival image, the paraphernalia and pandemonium of superstition is guarded by Anubis, the Egyptian jackal god, guardian of the passage to death: a divinely alert presence. We will make him the god of superstition for the purposes of our “performance take”.
Superstition has been spurned and banished from ‘serious’ Western thinking for some centuries, but its exile is being questioned by contemporary ethnographers and artists, who see the anathema as yet one more colonial layer to peel off our anthropological convictions and religious creeds. Ethnographers have faced superstition on the field long enough to recognize and acknowledge their own prejudices. Word is out: superstition is whatever does not comply with Western rationality and, especially, with the Judeo-Christian model of spirituality. Superstition is a ‘godsend’ for artists…
Pantheatre Myth & Theatre Festival 2020
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