The Articulate Practitioner: Articulating Practice

TitleThe Articulate Practitioner: Articulating Practice
Publication TypeDVD
AuthorsGreenhalgh, J, Brookes, M
Year of Publication2007

This interactive DVD comprises research materials generated by The Magdalena Project: International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre. The DVD includes documentary material from artist-led workshops, performances, performed lectures, presentations and academic papers.

Contributing artists and scholars:

Gilly Adams [Wales]
Geddy Aniksdal [Norway]
Prof. Susan Bassnett [UK]
Dr Carol Brown [UK]
Margaret Cameron [Australia]
Raquel Carrio [Cuba]
Rosa Casado [Spain]
Cristina Castrillo [Argentina/Switzerland]
Zoe Christiansen [Norway]
Gilla Cremer [Germany]
Deborah Hay [USA]
Eddie Ladd [Wales]
Claire McDonald [UK]
Prof. Sisan Melrose [UK]
Dijana Milosevic [Serbia]
Dr Sibylle Peters [Germany]
Roxana Piñeda [Cuba]
Silvia Pritz [Argentina]
Prof. Diana Taylor [USA]
Julia Varley [Denmark]
Carran Waterfield [UK]

An e-Publication of PR Books available December 2007 from the Centre for Performance Research Bookshop at

KeywordsArticulate Practitioner, research
Type of WorkDVD
Citation Key1802
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