I am in Providence, Rhode Island, for BIARI - Brown International Advanced Research Institute. This is a gathering of about 140 researchers and thinkers, brought together for two weeks of presentations and discussions in four streams: climate change, health and HIV, population and development, and theatre and civil society. I'm in this last group, convened by Erik Ehn and Patricia Ybarra, with 24 participants hailing from nearly every corner of the globe.





Il Magfest è lieto di invitarvi alla seconda presentazione del libro:
  “Dal Magdalena Project al Magfest: un percorso sul teatro al femminile in Italia”

Secret Girl
is an exhibition by Leah Crossley on the art work she has produced out of the photographs she took during The Seven Kimgs - Secret Girl workshop given by Gabriella Sacco at the Magdalena Legacy and Challenge festival in Cardiff in 2011.


Más caras con máscaras es un manual que muestra cómo crear 22 diferentes máscaras y sus variaciones en forma precisa y meticulosa. Con 190 páginas e 772 ilustraciones este manual es un recurso invaluable para educadores, profesionales de teatro y quien quiera crear máscaras.


I am in Pondicherry, India for the Tantidhatri festival - the first Magdalena festival in India, organised by Parvathy Baul (with an incredible army of volunteers).

We are nearing the end of the Tantidhatri Festival already, and I haven't had time to post anything - I've been full of good intentions but like most Magdalena festivals, the schedule of overlapping performances, transport logistics, catching up with people and preparing for my performance hasn't left much time for anything else except sleeping; also it's so hot here that it's necessary to shower 2-3 times a day & wash everything I've been wearing as well.

At the link below you can find all the pictures from Magfest Torino "gener-AZIONI" taken by Monica Russo.












Cosa c’è dietro al sipario? Il mondo magico del teatro e della presenza, il mondo reale e ostinato del lavoro quotidiano per poter dire “sono qui e ora” sul palcoscenico: l’attrice nei suoi piedi, calzando le scarpe dei suoi personaggi.

"Dietro al sipario"

I am in Torino for Magfest! When I left Munich on Thursday morning, the first winter snow was falling - but in Torino it was a beautiful sunny day. I was met at the airport by Valentina and Christina Kyriazidi, who had just arrived from Berlin, then we had lunch with Gabriella and her parents. Gabriella and Valentina have put the festival together on almost nothing (in New Zealand we'd say "on the smell of an oily rag") and focussed on performances - 17 performances over two days and one evening - mostly by "younger" women.