Performance Retreat led by Dr Dawn Albinger from Ladyfinger

August 14 – 18, 2013


Taken from my fb updates, a snapshot of the Festival so far...


May 31. Memoria. Achingly beautiful performance.

Not surprisingly I suppose, Transit VII has provoked a profound crisis in me. Just when I thought that I had my life figured out, I took the 'risk' of coming to the Odin to meet, exchange, and learn what I thought would be augmentations to my existing practice. I did not expect that I would start to question my entire body of work - tearing it to pieces to find anything of value worth keeping. I believe, however, that I was meant to come here at this time. That now is the right time to experience this shock to the system.

Loud stomping resounds from the theatre: the participants of Maria Porter and Raquel Carrio's workshop are giving a demonstration and this is the Suzuki part. I am missing it, to wash some clothes and write this post - it's not possible to see and do everything at Transit, we have to miss some things when the programme packs 5 performances and several presentations into each day. We don't come to Transit to sleep, that's for sure - but we do have to wash our clothes and sometimes take a pause to try and digest everything before we can take more in.

Festival de Mujeres en Escena Por La Paz

(Women on Stage for Peace Festival)

I read in an interview to the Italian actress Luisa Pasello that Grotowski described the actor’s training as something like brushing one’s teeth. A very personal moment meant for the exploration of the psycho-physical perspectives that nurture the practice of your art.

Every week we meet at Astaroth Teatro in Amsterdam to share training experiences and traditions.

Dohter, que significa filha em inglês arcaico, é o nome do work in progress que deu início ao Vértice Brasil – encontro e festival internacional de teatro feito por mulheres – que aconteceu em Floripa no decorrer da semana. Uma oficina conduzida pela diretora galesa Jill Greenhalgh durante as duas semanas anteriores ao evento e frequentada por 10 artistas catarinenses investigou o tema e criou perguntas e respostas pessoais sobre o que é ser/ter filha. Este material foi pra cena e tornou-se poesia viva.

Florianapolis is a beautiful place. It is an island connected by a bridge to mainland south Brazil. The city of Florianapolis is surrounded by water – the hills across the water on the mainland frame both city and the glorious beaches that boast to be the best in South Brazil. White dunes, waterside fish restaurants, selling oysters by the bucket load and the efficient but stressless approach to work, at which Brazilians excel, make this a very pleasant place to have been hosted for three weeks.


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