Zone: Aksana in Chernobyl zone

On December 7th the theatre “Kryly Khalopa” will present the documentary project “Chernobyl” on the International theatre festival “Maski” in Poznan.

on the impossible necessity of naming what we do ...

Happy Maha Padyami

A Solas has begun!

The workshops had already had their first session on Tuesday morning before the official opening, attended by many local journalists and featuring a welcome from festival director Amarantha Osario and an improvisation by the festival artists. This was followed by the traditional opening round (pictured below) where artists and participants from Albania to Japan as well as the Spanish-speaking world introduced themselves.

Calling Artists for a women in performance event, whatever

At Transit VII, I was asked to speak in the symposium as part of a sesion entitled "Giving Form: Art between Fiction and Reality". I found it very difficult to prepare for this presentation - unsure of what I could say on the topic that would be interesting or useful to the audience, wondering if I really know the difference between fiction and reality, even problematising the words "giving" and "form".

Skyline, it's up there! is a visual theater choreography of 50 minutes duration.
You'll witness a voyage; from ground to sky, from black and white to color and from tragedy till comedy.



Thursday morning as I was arriving home from Transit 7 (an international festival of women in contemporary theatre curated by Odin Teatret actress Julia Varley), Margi Brown Ash was attending the Brisbane Festival launch at the Brisbane Powerhouse. An impressive program it would seem, but something is amiss, as she describes here in her blog.

7 Jun.     There is much to say about the exchanges and performances today. I will try to say more in the morning but I have just come from a performance by German actress Gilla Cremer. A shocking story told by an exquisite actress. In this 75-minute performance she does not move for the first 30 minutes at least.