Sandra Morán: Knowing & Recognizing & Protecting Each Other!

The long-term activist and former musician is the first openly declared lesbian in the Congress of Guatemala.

I’d like to share a few thoughts following my participation in Mestiza Chile Festival 2018, organised around “Memory and Resistance”, an important theme in this tumultuous time, just after the Brazilian elections, and the rise of the extreme-right elsewhere including in Australia. 

Letter to Vero y Anto, Mestiza Chile

Sun over Santiago. Tears from a young man dripping down on the glass frame whilst listening to Salvador Allende's last words to the people, broadcasted from Radio Magallanes. A visit to Museo de Memoria is heartshaking.

Sun over Santiago. Theater about mothers. Theatre about maltreatment and abuse. Conference about networks and solidarity. Dance-performance in the pool at Parque Quinta Normal. A brown dog jumps into the water with the redclad dancer.

Dear Magdalenas,

Today is my last day in Santiago de Chile, I've been here for a month. Seeing the collaborations I did, I realized that the Magdalena, at times, makes the borders disappear.

This year is a big Magdalena year for me - meaning that I was invited to several Magdalena festivals. I am honored by this, and feel lucky to be part of this network of amazing artists.

Thaís Ivana de Medeiros and I had many gentle collaborations in Magdalena Munich: my recording of spoken Shakespeare for her show; some text she wrote composed into a song for her to sing;  and a story about a truth/lie from her life has become a song in our latest group song theatre show TRUTH, told in speech, song, light and movement.

Location: 32,000 feet above Planet Earth – Present time.

Summer started in Belgrade quite unexpectedly, already at the end of April. We moved from winter directly to tropical summer and while we at DAH Theatre are in the whirlwind of activities - performing, fundraising, teaching, touring - we wonder often where are we. The heat and humidity reminds me of Rio, or maybe Atlanta or Havana.

Having been at the first Magdalena Festival in 1986 and many since in many parts of the world, this Munich Magdalena has a very different feel, due to the Munich City supported artists’ residency scheme which gives the festival its three month shape.

It’s the middle of March and the middle of the Magdalena München Saison: six weeks behind us, six weeks ahead. Time to pause and take a breath, look back at what’s happened and gather our energies for the next stretch!