This article is my personal journey into DaDa (/ˈdɑːdɑː/), 20th century avant-garde movement developed in reaction to WW I. Dadaists rejected the logic and aestheticism of capitalist society and maintained political affinities with the radical left.

I used to be a perfectionist. That didn´t mean that my creative work was near the level of perfection that I was demanding myself, but it meant that I blocked many creative and spontaneous ideas for fear of being wrong and not having a good standard.

Amaranta OsorioDear Magdalenas: 

I write to you from the Paris airport; I'm going to Spain, to receive the Jesús Domínguez writing prize, which they will give us for the play "Moje holka, moje holka" (My girl, my girl), written in collaboration with Itziar Pascual and dedicated to the Magdalena Project.

In 2016 is celebrated 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Theatre Kryly Khalopa started the tour of the documentary performance “Chernobyl”.

April 19 St. Petersburg, theatre space "Skorokhod"

April 21 Moscow, space "Fabrica"

April 25 Minsk, art space “Korpus 8”

April 29 Brest, KX Space

May 7 Kaliningrad, art space "Vorota"


After the performing in Minsk Aksana wrote:

Opening round, MontpellierIn late September, Magdalenas gathered in the balmy south of France for Magdalena Montpellier, a festival organised by Marion Coutarel in association with La Bulle Bleue. The festival marked the culmination of Marion's three-year residency at this arts organisation for people with disabilities.

Opening gallery: Aksana and Siarhei are on the opening of the exhibitionWe are glad to share with Magdalena that on 16 of December we’ve opened in our own space an art gallery. The first artist, who came to us, is Andrey Lyankievich.

Our website upgrade sprint is over! On Friday I waved Valentina off on her train to Holstebro, and on Saturday farewelled Agnez heading back to Brussels. The week went far too quickly ...

Today has, unfortunately, been a frustrating day at the Drupal 7 Upgrade web sprint; mainly because our server is for unknown reasons painfully slow.


The upgrade of this website to Drupal 7 has begun! Web Princess Valentina Tibaldi, and Web Witch Agnez Bewer, have arrived at the palace of Web Queen Helen Varley Jamieson to undertake the upgrade. As you can see, they are already hard at work.

I've been living in Munich for five years now, although most of my artistic work has still been elsewhere; but as my German slowly improves, I'm beginning to create opportunities and projects locally. Since the Magdalena Project is an important part of my life, I wondered about the possibility of organising a Magdalena festival here in Munich, whether there might be a need and desire for such a thing. But how to find out, when I'm a foreigner who doesn't speak the language very well and my networks within the local theatre and arts communities are limited?